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Fulfil Protein Bars – Milk Chocolate & Mint

This Fulfil Bar offers a blend of Milk Chocolate & Mint, a very traditional combination and it works well in this protein bar. This bar is enjoyable and has a thick texture, which may put some off, but it does give it a sense of fulfilment, pardon the pun.

The bar is mildly flavoured, not too strong but certainly not non-existent. You get a good sense of both the Chocolate and the Mint, and its worse mentioning the mint is not too overpowering, it’s there but its not a strong mint.

The bar offers a thick texture as mentioned above, it won’t leave you hungry and is a good snack after meals, but you may struggle to eat it all if you are used to other flavour bars in the range. Compared to others in the range I would say it is above the average, if it was a little lighter it would certainly score some extra points.

As with all Fulfil bars the nutritional values are impressive, just 2.5 grams of sugar in a 55 gram bar, 20 grams of protein and 9 vitamins. As expected in all Fulfil Bars the nutritional values are second-to-none.


nper 100g per 55g serving
Energy (kJ) 1434kJ Energy (kJ) 788kJ
Calories (kcal) 344kcal Calories (kcal) 189kcal
Fat 12.5g Fat 6.9g
Fat of which saturates 7.1g Fat of which saturates 3.9g
Carbohydrates 18.8g Carbohydrates 10.3g
Carbohydrates of which sugars 4.5g Carbohydrates of which sugars 2.5g
Polyols 13.0g Polyols 7.2g
Fibre 18.8g Fibre 10.3g
Protein 35.9g Protein 19.7g
Salt 0.86g Salt 0.47g


  Per 100g NRV% Per Serving 55g NRV%
Vitamin E 21.5 179 11.8 98
Vitamin C 143.1 179 78.7 98
Thiamine (vit. B1) 1.99 181 1.09 99
Riboflavin (vit.B2) 2.49 178 1.37 98
Niacin (vit. B3) 28.6 179 15.7 98
Vitamin B6 2.51 179 1.38 98
Folic Acid 360.0 180 198.0 99
Vitamin B12 4.47 179 2.46 98
Pantothenic acid 10.75 179 5.9 98

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Above Average
Milk Chocolate & Mint
Nice But Heavy
A very nice bar for after meal snacking, but a little on the heavy side in terms of texture.
Nice Subtle Minty Flavour
Quite A Heavy Consistency

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